The Designer

LilaTempHeadshotAs a creative entrepreneur at heart, and an out of box thinker, Lila Lamanna has long-time experience in spacial design and organization in the home, digital layout design, photography, and creative problem solving.

Lila was born and raised in a small, historic town, nestled between the ocean and the Delaware Bay in Southern New Jersey. She currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, VA, and feeds her creative inspiration by hiking around while birding and photographing the breathtaking beauty that South Western Virginia area offers.

Mission Statement

Whether you’re an artist, small business owner, or non-profit organization, you have a unique vision which represents something that is important to you, and important to your audience.
Having an online presence is an expectation in today’s world. One of the smartest investments you can make is to have a website of your own that reflects your vision and purpose so that you can share it with the world.
TreeLine Web Design understands this is often a costly undertaking and all of these things form the foundation of the TWD mission statement:
To provide clients with a continuously affordable website that supports their goals, is reflective of their vision, and effectively represents their purpose.

The TWD Approach

TreeLine Web Design (TWD) uses a cost effective approach in designing websites.
TWD takes into account your specific needs and circumstances. If updating your own text, images and music is an option you’re looking for, TWD can make it happen without having to pay monthly fees.** If you would rather TWD handle all maintenance, a payment plan can be worked out that fits your budget.
Either way, TWD will do whatever possible to make your website affordable for you.
Please view the Services page and contact TWD today with any specific questions you may have.

**The possibility of no monthly fees varies according to specific needs and circumstances. This can be determined once you have had your initial consultation.